25th Anniversary first two silver medals from WOC to Czechoslovakia


First silver medal from WOC for Czechoslovakia in mens cathegory.


First big success for Czechoslovakian Orienteering Federation - 2 silver medals from

WOC 1983 Hungary (Zalaegerseg)

Woman's Relay - 2th place and silver medal - (from left) Eva Bartova, Jana Galikova,         Iva Kalibanova, Ada Kucharova

Men's Relay - 2th place and silver medal - (from left) Josef Pollak, Jaroslav Kacmarcik, Vlastimil Uchytil, Pavel Dittrich


Exchange after 1st leg (Vlastimil Uchytil to Pavel Dittrich) 1st place. Oyvin Thon (Norway) is still waiting for reigning World Champion Morten Berglia ...


We will prepare "MEETING AFTER 25 YEARS" during MO banquet.





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